Buy-Back Program Terms and Conditions


BRENTWOOD MOTORS is pleased to offer and guarantee to Buy-Back your purchased Quality pre-owned Vehicle at the following Terms and Conditions:

In order to receive any monies owed to you as a result of the Buy-Back Program, you must maintain and service the vehicle at a licensed repair/service facility by completing the following minimum requirements from the date of the vehicle purchase Agreement.

  •         Change the engine oil and filter on your vehicle every 3 months or 5000 kilometers, whichever occurs first. With Synthetic Oil, the maintenance requirements are 6 months or 10000 kilometers, whichever occurs first.
  •         Check and maintain all fluid levels regularly.
  •         Check and/or replace all filters as required.

In addition to having completed the above, you must follow all manufacturers suggested Maintenance Service Schedules as specifically outlined in the vehicle warranty booklet or manufacturers website.

Maintenance services must be completed within the Grace Period of 30 days of due date or within 1000 kilometers, whichever occurs first and you must keep all invoices detailing dates and services completed with the VIN and odometer readings. Failure to produce such valid invoices, regardless of cause, constitutes non-completion of services and shall result in the denial of Buy-Back eligibility as you shall be in non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

Do-it-yourself oil changes or related services shall not be accepted as proof of maintenance. A late return after the agreed upon date shall result in a breached Agreement unless provided with an extension in form of a written consent by Brentwood Motors. An early return is still subject to the same Buy-Back price.  Any excess mileage will be deducted from the agreed Buy-Back price at $0.25 per kilometer. Vehicle must be clean and damage free at time of return and must not have sustained more than $2000 in damages. Any accumulative damages exceeding $2000 will cancel the Agreement unless a new determined Buy Back Price has been offered by Brentwood Motors.